Truckers Against Trafficing

“Had the great privilege to lead a press conference today at the Sacramento 49er Travel Plaza to discuss the horrible industry of sex & human trafficking. The California Trucking Association is supporting Truckers Against Trafficking, the California Highway Patrol, the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office office & the Yolo County District Attorney office to crack down on this horrendous practice.

Feeling honored that my fellow employee & truck driver of KKW Trucking, Inc. was there to give first hand accounts of this practice occurring in our nation’s truck stops.

Hearing the story given by a CFI Driver about the phone call he made that lead to the arrest of some sick people and saved a young girl’s life from the depths of human sex trafficking and the torture she went through was inspirational!!! He is a true highway hero and represents the ❤️ of Trucking.

Had to fight a major case of nerves when I saw all those cameras & microphones but if our event even saves one life from this miserable existence, it will be well worth it.”

-Lynnette Brown