“KKW Trucking Inc. is committed to the premise that injuries and property damage resulting from accidents are preventable through the proper management of our human and physical resources.

Every employee of KKW Trucking Inc., regardless of his or her position, or length of service has the responsibility to follow safe work practices and to have a genuine concern for the safety and health of all fellow workers.

Our goal is for every employee to get home to their loved ones safely every day.”

Sara Sherman
Safety Manager

Weekly Safety Topic: IMPORTANT! ALL DRIVERS PLEASE READ Hours Of Service Changes Coming September 29th 2020

  • Adverse Driving Conditions

    • Allows an extra two hours of driving and duty time for unexpected weather or traffic conditions. Includes:
      • 13 hours of drive time AND
      • 16 hours of duty

    30 Minute Break

    • A break of at least 30 minutes is required after 8 hours of driving time.
    • On-duty (not driving) time may be counted as the driver’s mandatory break. Any combination of the following (of at least 30 consecutive minutes) will count as the break:
      • Off duty time
      • Sleeper berth time
      • On-duty (not driving) time

    Split-Sleeper Berth

    • Allows the required 10 hours off duty to be split into two separate breaks. The split must be at least:
      • 7 hours in sleeper berth AND
      • 3 consecutive hours off duty and/or in sleeper berth
    • The two separate periods must total 10 hours (a 7/3 or 8/2 split). Neither period counts toward the 14 hour duty limit.

    Air-Mile Radius Exception

    • Extends the air mile radius and time allowed to use the exception. The exception allows:
      • 14 consecutive hours of duty time AND
      • Travel within a 150 air mile radius

    Drivers can call Safety if they have questions.

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