“KKW Trucking Inc. is committed to the premise that injuries and property damage resulting from accidents are preventable through the proper management of our human and physical resources.

Every employee of KKW Trucking Inc., regardless of his or her position, or length of service has the responsibility to follow safe work practices and to have a genuine concern for the safety and health of all fellow workers.

Our goal is for every employee to get home to their loved ones safely every day.”

Sara Sherman
Safety Manager

Quarterly Safety Quiz

All drivers are required to take a quarterly safety exam as mandated by KKW and California state law. The goal is to keep you skills fresh and top of mind and to reward those drivers who regularly put safety first and work hard to maintain a good safety record.

Safety Updates:

Reminder: set your brakes

Safe Driving Week

Heat Wave 2018

Weekly Safety Topic: Making A Safe Landing

Watch For School Zones:

  • Speed limit zones
  • School zone areas

Slow Down:

  • Children are awaiting school buses
  • Always stop for school buses

Be Aware:  

  • Be aware of youthful drivers
  • Drive defensively

Monthly Safety Topic: Warning Devices

If your vehicle is stopped on the traveled portion or the shoulder of the highway, you must:
– Activate your vehicle’s four-way flashers
– Within ten minutes, set out warning devices

On two-lane roads, place one device:
– On the traffic side of the vehicle, 10 feet from the vehicle’s front or rear (depending on direction) and
– Behind the vehicle by 100 feet and
– Ahead of the vehicle by 100 feet

One one-way or divided highways:
– Place devices 10 feet, 100 feet, and 200 feet from the rear of the vehicle facing approaching traffic

Within 500 feet of a hill/curve/obstruction, place:
– One device 100 feet to 500 feet from the vehicle in the direction of the obstruction
– The other two devices according to the rules for a two-lane or divided highway

Training Videos