PRESS RELEASE: KKW Trucking Becomes 100% Employee-Owned Through an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)

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Contact:  Dennis Firestone, CEO

November 20, 2019                                                                                        

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KKW Trucking Becomes 100% Employee-Owned Through an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)

After 57 years of significant expansion and growth, KKW Trucking opens its next chapter


POMONA, CA:  KKW Trucking, Inc. and its affiliates have completed a transaction to become 100% employee-owned through its newly-created Employee Stock Ownership Plan (or “ESOP”).  The Company was founded in 1962 in Los Angeles, CA and today it operates out of its 91,000 square foot facility on 9 acres in Pomona, CA to provide transportation services, including irregular route truckload services for world-class manufacturers, retailers, and consumer packaged goods companies throughout 12 western states.  The Company operates 120 local, 265 sleeper tractors and more than 1,300 trailers. 


According to Dennis Firestone, CEO, “Building this Company from 9 trucks that worked out of a 6,000 sq. ft. cross dock into what we have become over the last 52 years has been very gratifying experience indeed.  The reality is that KKW Trucking was built by a team of hard-working committed men and women, and if I was to get any credit for our successful journey then it would only be that I was able to recruit and train most of these amazing individuals.  The time has come for me to step aside, and the thought of turning our Company over to the very people that helped me build it, is a dream come true.  I truly believe that when the notion sinks in that each of our team members are truly owners and they realize that they will directly benefit from their extra efforts, then the sky becomes our only limit.  I couldn’t come up with a better way to say ‘thank you’.”


Dennis Firestone has held the title of President for 52 years and will now become Chairman of the Board with Steve Benninghoff replacing him as CEO and Lynnette Brown continuing on with her role as CFO.  Steve and Lynnette have groomed a successful management team and Dennis admits “It’s time to let this young yet well-seasoned team take the reins and transport this new company to a whole new level” 


After fifty-seven years of significant expansion and growth, all of the ownership of KKW Trucking has transferred to a qualified retirement plan, specifically an ESOP.  All eligible employees will be credited with shares of Company stock within the ESOP trust each year at no cost, allowing them to earn ownership and accumulate tax-deferred retirement wealth through their service.  KKW Trucking joins a group of elite employee-owned transportation companies such as the Paladin Capital companies, TMC Transportation, Big G Express, J&R Schugel, and Wheaton, to name a few.


KKW Trucking, Inc. was advised by Ambrose Advisors, a national investment banking firm specialized in employee-ownership transitions.  Michael Harden, Senior Managing Director with Ambrose Advisors, stated, “Dennis’s goal was to secure a sustainable future for KKW Trucking in a way that would be highly beneficial to the employees, customers, vendors, and the community in addition to himself.  Employee ownership, done right, benefits all stakeholders and should be celebrated.  It is a true win/win transaction for all parties involved and we were pleased to be a part.  We heartily congratulate the KKW Trucking team and thank them for trusting Ambrose Advisors to manage this ownership transition process.”


About: KKW Trucking, Inc. operates a trucking transportation business serving customers in 12 western states.


About: Ambrose Advisors is a national middle-market investment bank and financial advisory firm focused on guiding and assisting business owners with ownership succession planning, primarily through employee ownership.


Live Video Announcement

KKW Top trucking company

KKW Trucking Honored By EPA

“Congratulations! Based on the performance of KKW Trucking Inc.’s shipping and freight operations, EPA has named your company a 2019 SmartWay High Performer!

EPA commends KKW Trucking Inc. for its continued efforts as a SmartWay Partner and its contribution to a more efficient, productive, and sustainable freight industry.”

KKW Trucking Will be Attending Annual 2019 CTA Driver Championships

Driver Championships are this weekend so be sure to come out and support our drivers and have some fun! The Southern Regional competition will be held this Saturday April 27th 2019 at the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, CA.

The event starts at 8:00am and drivers compete all day long.


2019 Fleet Safety Awards

Congratulations Team KKW Trucking, Inc. for being one of the safest fleets in California. Sara Sherman accepting the safety award for our division.

KKW Participates In Mercury Safe Driving Challenge

“Teens from Southern California high schools and the Anaheim Ducks High School Hockey League took part in the event, where they learned evasive maneuvering for collision avoidance and car control for slippery surfaces – an uncommon occurrence in Southern California – from professional driving instructors.

A blind spot awareness demonstration provided by KKW Trucking was a new addition to this year’s event. It showed participants how to better share the road with large vehicles like tractor trailers – fatal accidents involving passenger vehicles and large trucks saw the highest increase (9%) from 2016 to 2017 for all categories tracked by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).”

Good afternoon, 

The following message was provided to us by the Washington State DOT. It will be shared with our Western States Trucking Association colleagues as well WTA members. We hope that you will share this information among your drivers. The construction zone in Tacoma is the current issue; however, we will be launching into construction season and will have many major projects underway soon along all major corridors in Washington.

“This notice is for all truck drivers traveling on Interstate 5 through Tacoma, WA. The Washington State Department of Transportation is asking, in the strongest terms possible, for truck drivers to please slow down to an advisory 50 mph speed limit when traveling through I-5 construction zones in Tacoma. Earlier yesterday morning, the 8th semi collision in as many months closed all lanes of I-5 for several hours near State Route 16. The semi-trailer was empty as the driver reportedly lost control of his vehicle, smashed into numerous sections of the jersey barrier, and jack-knifed. Fortunately this time, the driver was not seriously injured.

These 8 semi collisions share many of these common features:

• Semi speeds were in excess of both the advisory and regulatory speed limits
• Incidents occurred during dark, very early morning hours (around 2-3 a.m.)
• Highway surface was wet
• Incidents occurred in a construction zone where I-5 is in a temporary configuration
• Drivers lost control of their vehicles; Most incidents involved only the semi

WSDOT and the Washington State Patrol have been working to raise drivers’ awareness of the need to drive for conditions. Beyond setting an advisory speed limit, WSDOT has restriped the area multiple times, added reflective markers on the roadway, and increased signage to alert drivers that they’re entering a construction zone. WSP has conducted commercial vehicle safety emphasis patrols and increased public safety messaging.

Interstate 5 through Tacoma will be in the same temporary configuration through May. What can truckers do over those two months? The message is straightforward: slow down through Tacoma, even if you have the highway to yourself. Hundreds of semis successfully traverse I-5 through Tacoma every day without incident. Don’t become a statistic – pay attention, stay alert, and drive for conditions. We thank you, other drivers thank you, your loved ones thank you and your company thanks you.”

Take extra care out there on the roads, especially in construction zones. 

Best regards, 

ANNOUNCEMENT: KKW Increases Line Driver Pay Package

KKW Trucking is proud to announce an update to our solo line driver compensation package which increases our mileage compensation by 5 cents per mile. All existing KKW line drivers will automatically receive a 5 cents per mile pay increase effective 4/5/19.

Thank you for all your hard work!

Yokohama Tire Features KKW Trucks In New Product Launch

Dennis Firestone Honored With Lifetime Achievement Award

These photos are from this past Sunday, where Dennis Firestone was honored for a lifetime of serving the trucking industry at the Golden Jubilee Breakfast.

Members of this distinguished group meet each year at CTA’s Annual Membership Conference to honor the pioneers of our industry and to introduce new members of the Golden Jubilee Club. Recipients were honored at the U.S. Grant Hotel, San Diego, in conjunction with California Trucking Association’s Annual Membership Conference.

Turning Wheels For Kids

KKW participated once again in “Turning Wheels For Kids” an organization that helps deliver bikes to children during the holidays. We love partnering with organizations that help make a difference in our communities. Thank you to all involved! Here are some photos and snippets from an email we received:

“Jim Kraft got and gave us amazing pricing. Ernesto, with KKW handled all SEVEN 53 ft semi pickups working with KKWs Jim, our Alan and DC’s Shannon.

We are not the group who “knows people” and yet I pause there! We just happen to know the most amazing, kind, generous, hardworking people who inhabit the planet; people who come together, even though many of us have never met, and accomplish something extraordinary for people we will never meet! THAT, my sweet friends, is knowing the BEST people!! Shirley K, I will always associate you with US!

Love you all and thank you for what you made possible! HAPPY NEW YEAR!


KKW Trucking Is Featured On The Today Show

If you didn’t get a chance to see the video of KKW on The Today Show be sure to check it out!

Lynnette Brown shares some insight about the trucking industry and Casey Swim and Bonnie Brown describe what it is like driving a truck. Great work

Lynnette Brown Addresses CTA

CTA President and KKW COO Lynnette Brown is speaking at the 2018 Safety, Security & HR National Conference & Exhibition held by American Trucking Association. She was thanking our Veteran’s and talking about our industry.

CTA Drivers Of The Month

See our full post highlighting the excellent drivers and shout outs from their managers here:

Youth Sponsorship Program

KKW Employee Anniversary Banquet will be august 4th

It’s that time of the year! The annual KKW Employee Anniversary Banquet is here. This year we are doing an 80’s theme mixed with casino night at the Double Tree hotel in Claremont. Hope everybody is ready for some fun!

KKW Ranks #2 out of 10 best california companies

It’s an older article but still worth mentioning. KKW ranked second in California as one of the 10 best trucking companies in the state. Thank you to Fuel Loyal for recognizing all the hard work that our team puts in and the standard of customer service we strive to deliver. 

ANNOUNCEMENT: KKW Trucking is proud to announce a new solo driver compensation package that raises the starting mileage compensation by 5 cents per mile.

All existing KKW & FTS line drivers will automatically receive a 5 cents per mile pay increase effective 6/29/18.

Everyone has been working so hard and we really appreciate it. Thank you to our drivers!

Lynnette Brown featured in orange County business journal

2018 CTA President Lynnette Brown's (KKW Trucking) Partnership Announcement Is a Huge Success

This Tuesday, the California Trucking Association (CTA) announced it is joining the “Sacramento Together” coalition – a group of law enforcement and public safety agencies, and non-profits organizations targeting human traffickers.

As part of her Heart of Trucking annual theme, Lynnette Brown the 2018 member president for CTA made the announcement during a press conference at the 49er Truck Stop/Travel Plaza in Sacramento, along with members of the law enforcement community, including Sacramento County District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert, Yolo County District Attorney Jeff W. Reisig and California Highway Patrol, Valley Division Chief Brent Newman.

President Brown discussed the high-level of engagement CTA has undertaken over the years to combat human trafficking, including its early support for Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT). Kylla Lanier, deputy director of TAT, underscored CTA’s crucial involvement with TAT and the positive impact CTA and its members are making in the battle against human trafficking by observing what’s happening around them and actually making the calls that lead to arrests and convictions. 

CFI driver Kevin Kimmel, who saved a young girl three years ago by reporting unusual activity involving an RV parked at a truck stop, spoke about the importance of keeping vigilant as part of a truck driver’s job. 

The importance of CTA’s involvement with the task force is best described by the local Fox affiliate reporter who said, “the local fight against human trafficking picked up a powerful ally.”  

Overall, the press conference garnered significant media coverage from most of the local Sacramento-area stations, with news segments of the event featured during their afternoon, evening and next-day morning broadcasts, as well as statewide reach with coverage in other major California media markets including Los Angeles, San Diego, Redding, Monterey and Bakersfield.

Below are a few samples of the broadcast coverage you may share with your friends and on your social media channels. 


California Truck Drivers Trained to Spot Signs of Human Trafficking

FOX Sacramento

May 22, 2018

California Trucking Association joins human trafficking fight

NBC Sacramento

Law enforcement partners with California Trucking Association to stop human trafficking 

May 22, 2018

Truckers On Lookout For Human Trafficking

CBS Sacramento

May 22, 2018


California Truckers Join Forces With Police To Battle Human Trafficking


May 22, 2018


Partnership formed to combat human trafficking in Yolo, surrounding counties 

Daily Democrat

May 23, 2018

(Credit*: CTA delivered this press release in an email.)

Congratulations to our very own CTA President Lynnette Brown of KKW Trucking, Inc. who has been nominated by the Orange County Business Journal for the 24th Annual Women of the Year Awards. Read all about it on page B-56.

Congratulations to our very own, Sara Sherman, on becoming CTA’s “Fleet Safety Professional Of The Year”!

A very well deserved honor as Sara does a fantastic job running our Safety Department, helping drivers, and keeping our roads safe.

KKW will be forming a team this year to the 2018 Priceless Pet Rescue Pack Walk. There is no cost to participate, just bring your family and your dog and join in the community walk. You can also sign up your friends & neighbors on the KKW team too. The more the merrier!! It is a HUGE event and lots of fun! There is an opportunity to collect pledges from your family and friends if you want to help raise money for this non-profit organization.

Once I set up the KKW Team, I will share the fundraising links to those of you that want to join the team.

Join The CTA Young Professional Taskforce

Are you a young trucking industry professional or know a young trucking industry professional that is interested in getting involved and gaining new skills?

CTA is looking for member individuals 25-40 to be a part of the Young Professional Program Taskforce. The YPP Taskforce will meet to plan and implement goals for CTA’s Young Professional Program (YPP). Members of the CTA Board of Directors will serve as a mentors to the taskforce.

Lynnette Brown Becomes CTA President

KKW Trucking Inc is proud to announce that our very own CFO Lynnette Brown has taken on the role of President for the California Trucking Association. This is a well deserved honor and we look forward to all that she will accomplish to help the trucking industry.

Her platform will be “Heart Of Trucking” to showcase all the amazing causes and things that drivers and industry professionals do to help others. Help spread the message by following along and sharing on social media.

Congratulations To All KKW Driver’s Of The Month

Joshua Browning ——————–
Arthur Sandoval ——————–
Christopher Martin ——————–
Santiago Juarez ——————–
Rolando Paz ——————–
Michael Holguin ——————–
Jeff Parkingson ——————–
Henry Arroyo ——————–
Alexander Flowers ——————–