Driver Of The Month Awards

Congrats To Our Drivers

We would like to take a second to congratulate all KKW/FTS drivers who were selected by the California Trucking Association as Driver of the Month or Driver of the Year. Below is a list of winners and comments by their driver managers. Congratulations!

Northern Cali Driver of the month winners:

  • Robert Nunez
  • Stephen Eubanks
  • Saul Morales

Southern Cali Driver of the month winners:

  • Juan Delgado
  • Manuel Lozano
  • Abel Vicuna
  • Elias Cambreros
  • Wilfredo Mejia
  • Elijah Holley
  • Adam Varon
  • Balbir Hanspal
  • Ranjit Singh
  • Shingara Singh
  • Florencio Magallanes
  • Micheal Chagolla
  • Randy Oshins


Elias Cambreros

“Elias is one of our favorite local drivers, he is a safe and compliant driver that works very hard to provide good customer service. Elias is always in a good mood and ready to hit the road for KKW. He is a true team player and can always count on him to help in any way possible. He was originally a line haul driver along the I-5 corridor but now works as part of our local fleet to spend more time with his young family.

On his off time you can find him alongside of loved ones at the movies or the mall. He is one to always keep busy both in and out of work.”

Michael Chagolla

“Michael started with us in 2011, Since Day 1 it has been a pleasure working with him. His smile goes a Long way. Not only Does KKW Love his work but so does our customers. Micheal goes above and beyond for KKW and Our customers as mentioned and is a great Mentor to other drivers out on the road. He is a Pleasure to work with. He is Never late to his pickups Nor his deliveries.”

Juan Delgado

“Juan Delgado has been with the company for a couple of years and is a pleasure to work with. Every dispatcher that has worked with him will tell you the same.  He is always on time with his loads and works well under pressure.  He never complains or has anything negative to say. Juan is a great problem solver and doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty when comes to quick fixes and small repairs on his truck, which saves the company a lot of time and money. He is also really good at communicating and keeping me up to date throughout the day. One thing that I really like about Juan that stands out is our end of the week phone calls. Since Juan is stationed in Bakersfield I very rarely get to see him in the office. Most of our communication is done via text during the week. Every Friday evening, Juan makes it a point to call me after his run. We go over the week and what is to come for the following week. He always ask if there is any extra weekend work and he will finish the conversation with “enjoy your weekend!”. When you actually get the time to talk to the drivers on the phone instead of just communicating via the OBC or text it makes the Manager/Driver relationship a little more personal. That really helps build trust and creates a great work environment.”

Stephen Eubanks

“KKW is proud to nominate Stephen Eubanks as he has proudly served our country in the U.S. Army for 3 years. Stephen always takes pride in helping new drivers gain helpful experience. He also informs us if there are any issues on a highway, for example, closures we may not be aware of. He takes pride in assisting with the dialy upkeep of the yard, making sure trailers are always put back where they need to go and helping to prevent accidents. Stephen, goes out of his way with safe driving practices and also helps other drivers with tips and tricks he’s learned along the way. He is a company local driver and takes pride in that, it definitely shows in his work.

Stephen says “there’s never a dull moment in my life both in and out of work”. On his off time he spend most of it with family and friends, fishing and playing basketball. But the best hobby he has is practicing safe driving.”

Elijah Holley

“Elijah has only 3 years of service with KKW but a lifetime career driver that brings excellent service and overall professionalism to our team. Great knowledge of his service area makes him indispensable and he puts those skills to work each and every day. Elijah has carried his CDL for over 30 years with great pride. Also carrying the title CTA Driver of the month in 2016.


Elijah is also counted on by his community being named youth minister in Phoenix Arizona, leading our fellow millennials in the right/positive direction. On his off time he not only spends time with his biological family but with his church family as well. Elijah also enjoys spending time at the gym focusing on his overall health.”

Manuel Lozano

“I would like to nominate Manuel Lozano for CTA Driver of the Month.    Manny started with the local division shortly after I took over as supervisor, a little more than 6 years ago.   I really believe the Line Haul Dispatcher would have given me three other drivers if she could have kept Manny on her schedule.   Manny epitomizes the definition of a “workhorse”.   Whether his shift starts at 1am or 9pm, he arrives early, ready to go and he doesn’t slow down until the job is done.  He actually prefers the loads where he must physically unload the freight, just an extension to his daily workouts and MMA training.  Manny comes into work each day with an unrivaled positive attitude and energy.  Even when given what would seem like bad news, he just says “hell yeah, I’ll get it done”, gives a fist bump and charges out the door.  Which may be the reason he has flown under the radar for so long, because when it comes to Manny I know the job will get done.  It is his unparalleled work ethic and drive that merit this long overdue recognition for CTA Driver of the Month.”

Florencio Magallanes

“Florencio is an amazing driver! He’s a very hard worker and goes above and beyond for KKW, Operations department, and most importantly for our customers without any complaints. He started with KKW back in 2008 and his excellent work ethic still stands. Florencio has carried his CDL for over 35 years and has ran well over 4 million miles in his driving career. He was also very proudly named CTA Driver of the month in 2008.

What Florencio loves most about his job is the view. All the places and people he sees, he says, is the best part. When he’s not driving he enjoys spending time with family. His sons and grandsons love the special meals he cooks and bar-b-que’s, “that’s what makes them happy, good food”.

Will Mejia

“This driver has shown to be a go getter from the start.  it all started for a love of trucks which is how he got interested into this industry. He started by working on trucks as a mechanic and the fascination began. He drove at the ports for the start of an adventure that spans 22+ years now.  He loves the fact that he gets to work alone and able to see so many different places and get paid to do it as well. This industry has provided for him and his family and has satisfied his American dream.”

Saul Morales

“Saul, is a dedicated driver who goes out of his way to help others.  He makes sure his equipment is in tip top shape. He is a leader and deserves to be driver of the month.”

Robert Nunez

“Robby is one of our “Get Out And Look” drivers, he is always aware of what is going on around him. he has taken pride in knowing all of our customers so he has an established relationship with them all. He is one of our go to guys, with tight location and difficult routes. He goes out of way to become part of our team every day. Robby always asks if we need anything els done before ending the day and never turns anything down. He takes pride in his work, and this is part of his greatness.”

Randy Oshins

“Randy is a one of a kind kinda driver! He’s a professional driver who will do whatever is needed to complete the job. Always a pleasant to be around both on and off work. Randy has placed 3rd at CTA state championships in 2016 which was no surprise to KKW. He was named and trusted as a trainer for 1 year mentoring multiple drivers and can always be counted by both office admin and drivers.

Randy is CPR and first aid certified. He enjoys, on his off time, racing “Firestone race cars”. He’s placed 2nd in dirt track racing in 2016 and has also collected multiple trophies and awards for several types of racing. If there was an award for “person who loves chocolate the most” Randy would surly hold it as well. Randy not only drives trucks, race cars, and dirt bikes, but also rides a motorcycle. Whenever there is a fundraiser he is always willing to volunteer with full effort.”

Singh Shingara

“Shingara is quintessential safe professional driver who is according to public and other fellow drivers very courteous and dependable. He is always giving his best to make the trucking industry a better place to work. It is rare we see Shingara in the office because he is such a dedicated and hard worker. Although when he is in the office he is very quiet but his kindness speaks very loud. He is a very respectful and such an compliant worker.

Shingara does not allow himself much down time but when he does, it is spent with loving and supportive family.”

Ranjit Singh

“Ranjit is a safety consentience professional and courteous driver with a great work ethic that is second to none, just an outstanding human being. He’s a very polite worker who’s also very dedicated. He’s held his CDL for over 15 years and has ran over 2 million miles accident free. We cannot express how much appreciation we have for Ranjit, he’s very pleasant to be around.

It’s very rare Ranjit likes to take time off work but when he does it’s to visit family and friend in India.”

Adam Varona

“First and foremost Adam has served our country for 9 ½ years in the U.S. Army. He’s been CPR certified for 20 plus years and continues his heroic actions by volunteering at charities and food drives for the needy year round.

Adam was nominated driver of the month because he is an excellent driver who is always up for a challenge over the road. He’s carried his class A license for over 10 years, 2 of those with KKW trucking.

What he loves most about his driving career is meeting new people and new challenges every day. He enjoys the view on the road and says “it’s not a job it’s a journey”, a journey which he is very proud of.

On his spare time he enjoys going to several types of air shows, he has a very high interest in air planes and air races. Adam also enjoys playing golf on spare time and hanging out/catching up with friends.”

Abel Vicuna

“This driver has shown to be a leader amongst our fleet knowing the details of what his job entails as well as in his community. He is a real stand up person who needs little to no guidance because of his 15+ years of experience he knows just how to get the job done without cutting corners as well as putting the safety of himself as well as others at the top of his list. In his community he volunteers his time as a coach to his son and fellow teammates on various sports teams for the youth. He also dedicates his time on the weekends to his church as well. He is a great person to be around and to look up to for the younger drivers as well.”