Monthly Safety Topic: Warning Devices

If your vehicle is stopped on the traveled portion or the shoulder of the highway, you must:
– Activate your vehicle’s four-way flashers
– Within ten minutes, set out warning devices

On two-lane roads, place one device:
– On the traffic side of the vehicle, 10 feet from the vehicle’s front or rear (depending on direction) and
– Behind the vehicle by 100 feet and
– Ahead of the vehicle by 100 feet

One one-way or divided highways:
– Place devices 10 feet, 100 feet, and 200 feet from the rear of the vehicle facing approaching traffic

Within 500 feet of a hill/curve/obstruction, place:
– One device 100 feet to 500 feet from the vehicle in the direction of the obstruction
– The other two devices according to the rules for a two-lane or divided highway

Monthly Safety Topic: Fire Safety

Cab Engine:
– Maintain a clean and trash-free cab
– Immediately wipe up any oil or fluid spills
– Regularly check:
     – Wiring/electrical system
     – Fuses
     – Battery
     – Exhaust System

– Make sure tires are properly inflated
– Change flat/soft tires as soon as possible
– Never put a hot tire in the spare rack
– Check brakes – worn brakes can overheat
– All brakes must be fully released before moving

– Check mirrors for smoke
– Know what type (s) of cargo you are hauling
– Never smoke when:
     – Hauling hazardous materials
     – Loading/unloading your vehicle

Monthly Safety Topic: School Bus Safety

Use Your Defensive Skills:
– Continually scan the road
– Obey the posted speed limit
– Reduce speed as necessary
– Pay extra attention in school zones and at bus stops
– Watch for children at bus stops and walking in the road

When Approaching A School Bus:
– Slow down
– Be aware of children approaching and leaving a school bus
– Never pass a school bus on the right side
– Prepare to stop when the yellow lights are flashing on a school bus
– Never pass a school bus when its lights are flashing and its stop arm is extended

ALWAYS…expect the unexpected

Monthly Safety Topic: Dock and warehouse safety

When exiting your vehicle:
– Use the “three-point” rule
– Never jump
– Watch for slipping and falling hazards

At the loading docks:
– Set the parking brake
– Turn off the vehicle
– Put your vehicle’s keys in your pocket
– Chock the wheels
– When opening the trailer door, watch for falling freight

– Everyone must use the same hand signals, light systems, signs

– Never leave the dock until you get an “all clear” signal

Monthly Safety Topic: Slips, Trips, and Falls

When entering or exiting your vehicle:
– Face your vehicle
– Follow the three-point rule (always have 3 limbs in contact with your vehicle)
– Never jump
– Your hands should be free (don’t try to carry something)

When at load docks:
– Be aware of your surroundings
– Use handrails and grips
– Never run up or down stairs
– Take short steps on slippery or smooth surfaces
– Do not carry items you cannot see over