Safety Updates:

Road Check 2018



PEOPLENET Video Intelligence

For the safety of our drivers KKW is installing PEOPLENET Video Intelligence (VI) into our trucks.  VI serves to eliminate fraud and exonerate drivers by showing exactly what did happen in the event of a traffic collision.  This tool will help prove our innocence when it’s not crystal clear and we become the deep pocket target.  For example, if a car were to spin out in front of us, VI will help put a stop to a litigated claim from the start.

What is Video Intelligence:  VI is a non-audio, forward facing camera which is triggered by company-controlled Onboard Event Recording (OER) settings.  When real-time engine data triggers an OER for events such as a sudden stop, swerving, excessive speed or a collision, a 20 second video consisting of 10 seconds before and 10 seconds after the event will record.  A driver can push a button and activate a video recording too.  These video clips can be stored to exonerate our drivers from false claims, reduce financial compensation or claim payments and improve frequency of preventable accidents to drivers and improve our company safety scores.

Some Key Point to Know about VI:

  • It is a forward facing camera pointing out from the windshield
  • It does not record audio or video inside of the cab
  • A 20 second video is recorded when a sudden stop, swerving, excessive speed or collision happens
  • A driver can push a button and record an event too

If you have any questions about the PEOPLENET Video Intelligence system please contact our Safety Department.

Governed Speed


KKW/FTS has begun to adjust the governed speed of our trucks from 63 to 65 mph.  The next time your truck goes into the shop for a PM, our mechanics will make the adjustment.  If you are due for a PM please contact the shop and make an appointment. 

For our remote drivers, please discuss with your manager as to the planned PM date on your truck.  Also remember, in most of the states we operate in, running 65 will get you a ticket, which will go on your record, and will be a point on your record.

Fleet safety professional of the year

Congratulations to our very own, Sara Sherman, on becoming CTA’s “Fleet Safety Professional Of The Year”!

A very well deserved honor as Sara does a fantastic job running our Safety Department, helping drivers, and keeping our roads safe.